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Supplement trade and sanitary-epidemiological station

Dietary supplements are products that provide nutrients and substances that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the human body. They don’t have any healing properties, which is why they’re not an alternative to medicine and they can be bought without prescription. However, that does not mean that production and trade of dietary supplements are not subjected to specific legal regulations.

According to polish and EU legislation, supplements are considered food. For manufacturers and retailers it means that they need to respect the laws of food safety. Similarly to other food, it is very important to meet the requirements of The State Sanitary Inspection. The Inspection controls and supervises the production process and distribution of dietary supplements. The body responsible for the implementation of these tasks is The Department of Food Pro-Health, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. This department keeps a register of products approved to be used in Poland. The State Sanitary Inspections exercises control over supplements approved for use, and at the same time examines applications for admission for the sale of new products.

Distributors and retailers must also obtain the relevant authorisation. Authorisation for dietary supplement trade is only possible only once the company provides the right conditions for storing such products. The positive opinion from the inspector is a guarantee of safety for customers, who use dietary supplements.

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