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The situation in the dietary supplements market

For dietary supplements sellers amount of sales is the most important, as it impacts the income. Because supplements are classified as foods, and are not products of first necessity, not everyone uses them. However, the supplements sellers have no problem with getting customers.

SW Research on behalf of the Group On Board Think Kong conducted a study according to which almost a quarter of Poles use supplements at least several times a week. What's more interesting, 28% of women said they take supplements every day. This is very good news for the sellers of dietary supplements. However, the issue of where those supplements are frequently purchased cannot be ignored. As it turns out, pharmacies have the highest sales of supplements, because that’s where 72% of consumers that use supplements go. 26% of respondents declared that they’re buying supplements mainly in supermarkets or hypermarkets. Next on the list are online stores, used by 16.3% of the buyers. 13% of respondents buys supplements in grocery stores. Drugstores achieved the same results. Where do consumers get the knowledge about supplements? First of all, the websites and newsletters. Fewer people ask pharmacists or doctors for advice.

The above information may be useful for all marketers who would like to expand the customer base. The interest in such products is increasing, which is why a well-planned action will make the sales more successful.

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