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How to advertise dietary supplements?

Although the parliament got a bill prohibiting advertisement of dietary supplements, promotional activities still comply with applicable regulations. This does not mean, however, that you can have freedom while advertising. There are both formal and informal rules that must be followed during the planning and conduct of an advertising campaign.

People selling dietary supplements must comply with laws that prohibit, among other things, assigning supplements medicinal properties. Violation of this rule may even result in withdrawal of the authorization to conduct the sale. They also can’t mislead consumers in regards to the composition and operation of the product. In addition to the legal regulations, it is essential to the so-called ethics of advertising. The boundaries of morality in advertising are often debatable, but you can present examples of actions that are obviously contrary to the ethics of advertising. It is considered unethical when the customer is being misled, using fear and gullibility, and focusing on criticizing the competition. Advertising should communicate reliable knowledge about the supplement and highlight, but do not exaggerate, its positive properties.

To ensure that the advertisement is effective, it is important to adjust the media to target groups of people that the supplement is intended for. There is no doubt that the different language should be used when advertising supplements for seniors, and other when advertising preparations for athletes.

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